Mfangano Island Lodge

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We love all our nine rooms.

Each has been designed to offer the most comfortable and unforgettable stay for our guests.  Each is surrounded by lush vegetation and each has a private veranda overlooking the lake. For the best experience ever, here we give you a brief description of each room, to help you choose the room that best satisfies your needs.


HONEYMOON SUITES: Choose Rm1 and Rm7
Or choose Rm8/Rm9 if you feel you are still on a honeymoon but have children too!

Room 1

Rm1 is far from the dining room and bar. Following a beautiful path along the lake and surrounded by ancient trees and luxuriant vegetation you will find this unique and luxurious two-floor suite ideal for those who prefer to have an exclusive space for themselves. The impressive private veranda is right on the lake and can be used for sunbathing too. The bathroom is on a level with the lake and the huge windows make you feel more like you are in a boat than in a bathroom!



Rm7  A gorgeous and spacious room with a beautiful bathroom built around a rock. The room boasts access to a secluded little beach on the Lake and is the room closest to the swimming pool.


FAMILY ROOMS: Rm8 & Rm9 or Rm2/Rm3/Rm4/Rm5

Room8 & Room9

Rm8 & Rm9; These two rooms are under the same roof and they share a spacious and bright sitting room with stunning views over the lake. Space has been built around a huge rock, the biggest and most impressive of all the rooms. From the sitting room, there is access to a private deck overlooking the lake. Both rooms are independent and can be booked also by friends who want to share the same space. The master bedroom is simply beautiful and romantic and can be used as a honeymoon suite as well. The second bedroom has twin beds. Ideal for children or two friends. Both rooms have their own private en-suite bathrooms.

Rm2/Rm3/Rm4/Rm5 These four rooms are independent but because they are close to each other they can be used as family rooms.


Room 2

Rm2 has a double bed, well hidden in the vegetation.


Room 3

Rm3 has twin beds, hidden in the vegetation


Room 5

Rm5 has a lovely veranda and is closer to the bar and restaurant so it is ideal for clients who prefer to be next to the hotel’s facilities.


Room 4

Rm4 it is very similar to Rm5, with a double bed and spacious with a lovely veranda.




Room 6

Rm 6 is a twin bedroom next to the lakeshore. This room is the closest to the restaurant and bar, near to the swimming pool and with direct access to the lake – good for guests who require easy access to these facilities.

Rm5 – Click here to see the description of Room 5 in the Family room section

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