Mfangano Island Lodge

The Lodge

Mfangano Island Lodge is in Kenya, on Mfangano Island, in Lake Victoria.

In a secluded bay, on the northern coast of the island, among ancient fig trees and huge boulders. The lush hillside and lodge surrounds are abundant with indigenous plants and flowers. In the early morning, fleets of multi-coloured fishing boats gracefully sail past the bay, and in the evening spectacular sunsets are seen as the sun dips below the unbroken horizon of the lake.

Our gardens are shaded by giant figs and you’ll find the turquoise swimming pool tucked away beneath one of these ancient trees, overlooking the infinite sapphire blue lake. The poolside hammock is the perfect place to read a book, undisturbed by the outside world.

Exuding a natural romantic charm, the lodge is ideal for a romantic getaway. A perfect break for residents and ideal for a bit of self-indulgence at the end of your safari. Moreover, the lodge will satisfy the most active and adventurous guests with a great variety of activities from fishing & cycling to bird watching, walks around the island and boat safaris to ancient rock paintings.



The restaurant, the swimming pool, the garden, and the lounge bar are all a stone’s throw from the lake. Wherever you are at the lodge, in whatever room you are, the sound of the waves meeting the shores of Lake Victoria will be your constant companion.



Enjoy our tasty meats and our Catch of the Day perfectly cooked by our chef, together with the freshest salads from our own permaculture garden.

Your aperitif in our cosy bar and lounge enjoying views over the garden to the lake and your sundowner on a rock, high above the lodge, with stunning views over the island.

At Mfangano Island Lodge, we pride ourselves on our fresh, homegrown, permaculture produce: leafy green salads, cucumber, beetroot and an assortment of herbs and spices for lunch and dinner. At our second farm, next to the Mfangano airfield at Sena, we keep free-range hens, whose eggs make a delicious cooked breakfast & fantastic carrot or banana cakes at tea time washed down with moringa or mint leaf teas.

Of course, an island staple is a fish. At our lodge, we love nothing more than freshly caught Nile Perch or Tilapia, grilled or baked to perfection by our chef. A delicious accompaniment to the fish (or any meal) is chef Tom’s famous sweet chilli sauce. Careful, it’s addictive.

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